“The Bus Home” Campaign was initiated in 2014 to bring awareness to elementary school students about the true face of homelessness. The campaign’s ambition is to create an avenue of discussion about homelessness. Ideally helping them to have a better understanding of the causes and factors involved in the process of becoming, as well as escaping homelessness. The thought behind targeting children was to change the stigma surrounding homelessness at an early age.

An animation was first created that featured three children, Will, Olivia and Josh. A print campaign was then developed to accompany the original animation. The campaign includes a story, activity, and coloring books created to engage the target audience while providing information pertaining to the campaign. Additionally, two infographic posters were designed to provide additional facts and issues faced by the homeless. One of the posters was designed to show how the point in time survey was completed, while the second poster showed students a potential path out of homelessness. A DVD was also included to provide digital assets for educators teaching “the Bus Home” content. Content included on the DVD are PDFs of a teacher’s guide, all books, and posters in a print friendly layout.

Finally, a package was designed to incorporate all content of “the Bus Home” in a graphically dynamic way. Illustrations similar to those designed for other elements of the campaign were created for the cover of the package. The illustrations create cohesiveness throughout the entire campaign.

Campaign Collateral

“The Bus Home” Print Package

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“The Bus Home” Animation